How does Fruit Box help keep fruit moist?

Publish Time: 2024-04-26
Fruit Box is a versatile packaging material that can effectively protect fruits during transportation and preservation. Fruit Box can help maintain the humidity of fruits and has the following main functions:

1. Protect the fruit surface: Fruit Box can effectively wrap the fruit to prevent the fruit surface from being affected by the external environment, such as squeezing, scratching, etc. thereby maintaining the integrity and freshness of the fruit.

2. Provide ventilation: Fruit Box is usually designed with ventilation holes to provide air circulation, prevent the fruit from excessive moisture or deterioration and maintain the freshness of the fruit.

3. Absorb moisture from the surface of the fruit: The foam material of the Fruit Box can absorb moisture from the surface of the fruit, preventing the fruit's own water from evaporating too quickly and maintaining the humidity and taste of the fruit.

4. Isolate external moisture: Fruit Box can isolate the external moist environment, prevent the fruit from being affected by mold and rot, and extend the shelf life of the fruit.

Therefore, using Fruit Box can effectively help maintain the humidity of the fruit, maintain the freshness and taste of the fruit, extend the shelf life of the fruit, and improve the quality and market competitiveness of the fruit. When selecting and using a Fruit Box, it is recommended to choose a packaging box suitable for the type and size of the fruit, and pay attention to keeping it ventilated as needed to avoid excessive fermentation or rot of the fruit.

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